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Altitude Training Systems
3 Squill Place
Arndell Park, NSW, 2148
Tel 1300 138 124


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ATS have developed altitude training solutions and equipment for the athletic improvement of elite sporting organisations around the world.



We can convert an existing room into an altitude environment or design a standalone room from a basic foundation. We also offer complete simulated altitude training environments that are designed to suit specific requirements. Installations designs are highly flexible and may be tailored to accommodate up to sixty people. Altitude Training Systems are available for site inspections and recommendation on the best possible solution for your training requirements. Your investment with ATS is supported with ongoing technical support and equipment maintenance programs. Our Education team will also ensure you get the most out this advanced technology, with in depth guidance on training protocols.


Over the past decade simulated altitude training has become an important tool for elite performance. Altitude Training Systems ATS in conjunction with NSWIS have now produced a portable High Performance unit like no other. Benefits of our HP unit include:

  • Simulated altitude up to 5,400m
  • Increased flow rates up to 200lpm
  • Ability to split system and train 2 x athletes simultaneously
  • Suitable for use with the ATS inflatable range
  • Hyperoxic capability


ATS inflatable range is suitable for both active and recovery protocols. Our flexibility in design allows your sporting team to get the most from ATS altitude equipment. Our world first dual swimming lane facility for NSWIS is testament to our delivery of high quality sport specific solutions. The product range includes:

  • Double bed through king bed tent
  • Upright modules for active training
  • Multi-purpose running / swimming lanes


ATS are experts in altitude training protocols. We work closely with leading athletic institutes and professional sporting teams. Whether you are looking to achieve improvements in cardio endurance, body composition or injury recovery – ATS can assist with tailored altitude programming. We work with several sporting teams from GreenEDGE cycling to leading NRL and AFL teams. By partnering with News South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS) we are always at the forefront of altitude training and research.


ATS Portable Hypoxic Generators

MODEL Part # Description List price (ex. tax)
ATS-BASE KIT 1300100100 Training to an equivalent 3,400 m; includes all accessories & pulse oximeter $5,795AUD
ATS-ELITE KIT 1300100101 Training to an equivalent 5,100 m; includes all accessories & pulse oximeter $6,495AUD
ATS-HP - Hyperoxic 1100200100 Training to an equivalent 5,500 m, high flow & hyperoxic capability POA

ATS Complete Solutions for Performance Altitude Rooms

MODEL Part # Description
ATS-5KHP 200 SYSTEM 5000200100 Training up to 5,000m recommended for rooms up to 12 m³ and 2 people
ATS-5KHP 350 SYSTEM 5000350100 Training up to 5,000m recommended for rooms up to 28 m³ and 4 people
ATS-5KHP 500 SYSTEM 5000500100 Training up to 5,000m recommended for rooms up to 44 m³ and 5 people
ATS-5KHP 750 SYSTEM 5000750100 Training up to 5,000m recommended for rooms up to 64 m³ and 8 people
ATS-5KHP 1000 SYSTEM 5001000100 Training up to 5,000m recommended for rooms up to 85 m³ and 10 people
ATS-5KHP 1500 SYSTEM 5001500100 Training up to 5,000m recommended for rooms up to 128 m³ and 15 people
ATS-5KHP 2500 SYSTEM 5002500100 Training up to 5,000m recommended for rooms up to 214 m³ and 25 people
ATS-5KHP 5000 SYSTEM 5005000100 Training up to 5,000m recommended for rooms up to 425 m³ and 50 people

All High Performance complete altitude systems include in room touchscreen control and feedback loop, industry leading software and ATS training programs. Pricing on application and following full consultation on system requirements and location.

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